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Adventurer LP (ALP) Adventurer Truck Camper RVs For Sale

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Roomy, comfortable, and elegant is what you will find with these Adventurer truck campers by Adventurer LP! They have a superior strength TCC® construction and front camper guides to help center your camper in between the wheel wells to make it easier to load. Adventurer is always striving to be the best with framing, tie-down brackets, insulation, and wall supports!


A couple exclusive features include a 26" friction hinge entry door that will stay in its place even when it is extra windy outside, soft closing drawer guides so you don't have to worry about slamming, and a Dometic double door refrigerator. Their galleys are engineered to please, and the queen or king bed suites offer a beautiful, spacious design with dual pane windows to star watch at night. 


The Adventurer truck campers by Adventurer LP are the value leader in comfort and innovation!

Adventurer Features:

Standard Features (2021)



  • LED Porch Light
  • Basement Slide-Out Storage Tray, Steel w/Roller Guides (N/A 80RB)
  • Next Generation Happijac - Manual Jacks
  • Stainless Steel Angled Tie-Down Brackets –Bolted Through TCC® Laminated Offsets (N/A 80RB)
  • Integrated Tie-Down/Jack Brackets –Bolted Through TCC® Laminated Offsets (80RB)
  • Reverse Seal TPO Front Seam and Channeled Side Roof Seal System
  • Phat Ladder
  • Slide-Out Awning Topper (89RBS,910DB)
  • Super Step Bumper - Aluminum Single Step (89RBS,901SB,910DB)
  • Front Camper Guides - Alignment and Truck Bed Protection


  • Flush Mounted Interior LED Lights w/Integrated Switches
  • Flame Treated Fabric Upholstery
  • Aria Premeer Hardwood Cabinet Doors
  • Full Extension Soft Closing Ball-Bearing Metal Drawer Slides
  • Interior Magnetic Drawer Catches
  • Marine Grade Flooring(80RB, 86FB)
  • Industrial Grade Vinyl Flooring (89RB,89RBS,901SB,910DB)
  • Black Frame Tinted Safety Glass Windows (80RB)
  • Black Frame Dark Tint 4 Season True Thermal Pane Windows (N/A 80RB)
  • Bathroom Skylight
  • Bedroom Skylight (N/A 80RB)
  • Automotive Style Designer Accent Stiched Cushions
  • Overhead cabinets, drawers and Camper Caddy
  • Sofa - w/Roll Over Sleeping Area (80RB)
  • Dream Dinette - Bed Conversion (N/A 80RB,910DB)
  • Super U-Dinette (910SB)


  • Stainless Steel Round Sink (80RB)
  • Stainless Steel Double Bowl Sink (N/A 80RB)
  • High Neck Galley Faucet
  • Thermoformed Laminate Seamless Edge Countertops
  • Sealed 2 Burner Cooktop w/Residential Grate (80RB)
  • Sealed 3 Burner w/Residential Grate (N/A 80RB)
  • Large Stainless Steel Oven (N/A 80RB)
  • Residential Stainless Steel Range Hood w/ Fan & LED Light
  • Dometic Four Cubic Feet Stainless Steel Fridge/Freezer (80RB)
  • Dometic 2-Door Seven Cubic Feet Stainless Steel Fridge/Freezer (N/A 80RB)
  • Privacy Night Shades (Blind in Kitchen to meet code)
  • Sink Cover Cutting Boards (N/A80RB)


  • Queen Mattress 60 x 80 Double Density Foam w/Designer Cover
  • Flush Mounted Interior LED Lights w/Integrated Switches
  • Mirrored Double Wardrobe Closet (N/A 80RB)
  • Camper Caddy Storage System In Cabover (80RB)
  • Carpet - Full Cabover Floor (86FB,89RB,89RBS,910DB)
  • Fully Opening Acrylic Moon Roof w/Screen & Shade (N/A 80RB)


  • Wet Bath (80RB)
  • Seamless one-piece Fiberglass Wet Bath (N/A 80RB,910DB)
  • Dry Bath w/ Separate one-piece Fiberglass Shower (910DB)
  • Dometic Toilet - Fresh Water w/Foot Flush
  • Medicine Cabinet (N/A 80RB)
  • Pantry (910DB)
  • 12V Power Exhaust Fan in Bathroom
  • Dual Layer Skylight in Bathroom
  • Shower - One Piece Fiberglass Pan
  • Sliding Bathroom Door (89RB,89RBS,910DB)

Heating and Cooling Systems

  • Furnace - 16000 BTU (80RB)
  • Furncace - 20000 BTU (N/A 80RB)
  • Water Heater - 4 Gallon DSI (N/A 910DB)
  • Water Heater - 6 Gallon DSI (910DB)
  • Fantastic Fan Exhaust Roof Vent
  • Tanks - Heated, Enclosed, Insulated

Fresh and Waste Water

  • Black Holding Tank Flush (N/A 80RB)
  • Low Point Drain & Winterization Valves
  • Service Center- Lockable (N/A 80RB)
  • Sewer Hose Carrier 
  • Shower - Outside w/Spray Wand
  • Shurflo Quiet Revolution Water Pump


  • Battery Compartment - Single (80RB)
  • Dual Battery Compartment (86FB,89RB,901SB
  • Dual Battery Compartment w/ Slide Tray (89RBS,910DB)
  • Systems Control Center
  • Converter - 45 Amp w/Battery Charger
  • 12V / USB Charging Station
  • 110V GFCI Protected Outlets
  • Battery Disconnect Switch
  • Exterior Cable Hook-Up (89RBS,901SB,910DB)
  • Domed Omni-Directional Amplified AM/FM/TV Antenna (N/A 80RB)
  • Pre-Wired for Air Conditioning, Microwave, Stereo & Electric Jacks

Construction and Insulation

  • 1" Laminated Sidewall w/R-9 Closed Cell Block Foam Insulation
  • 2" Aluminum Framed Laminated Wall w/R-13 Closed Cell Block Foam Insulation (89RBS,901SB,910DB)
  • Laminated R-9 Ceiling w/Simulated Padded Interior (80RB)
  • Laminated R-13 Ceiling w/Simulated Padded Interior (N/A 80RB)
  • One Piece Thermo Polyolefin (TPO) Roof. Walk on w/12 Year Warranty
  • One Piece Floor non-basement (80RB)
  • Basement Design w/One Piece Floor and Enclosed Tanks R-22 (N/A 80RB)
  • TCC - Laminated Construction - 3 Year Structural Warranty
  • Insulation - Closed Cell Block EPS Foam
  • Lamilux 4000 High Gloss Gel-coat Fiberglass Exterior
  • Thick Framed Radius 4-Season Insulated Compartment Doors


  • Smoke Detector
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • 24" Friction Hinge Entrance Door w/Dead Bolt & Screen (80RB)
  • 26" Friction Hinge Entrance Door w/Dead Bolt & Screen (N/A 80RB)
  • Emergency Exits - Windows - Egress in Bedroom
  • LPG Detector
  • RVIA Code Compliant
  • Large Folding Entry Assist Handle
  • Seamless Corrosion Resistant LPG Compartment
  • 110V GFCI Protected Outlets
  • Water Heater By Pass Valves


  • 19" LCD 12V TV w/Triple Pivot Mount - HDMI (86FB,89RB,901SB,910DB)
  • 28" LCD 12V TV w/Triple Pivot Mount - HDMI (89RBS
  • Air Conditioner - Low Profile, High Efficiency - Black
  • Awning - Rear 12V w/LED Light 72"(80RB,86FB)
  • Awning - Rear 12V w/LED Light 82" (89RB,89RBS,901SB,910DB)
  • Awning - Patio (Box) - 8' Black (86FB,89RB,89RBS,901SB)
  • Awning - Patio (Box) - 10' Black (910DB)
  • Scissor Step - 5 Step Glowstep (80RB)
  • Super Step Bumper - Aluminum Single Step (86FB,89RB)
  • AML Exclusive Comfort Step Bumper® Dual Tread Comfort Step Bumper w/double step – Black) (N/A 80RB)
  • Electric Power Bunk (901SB,910DB)
  • Generator Ready w/Diamond Plated Liner - Required w/Gen Option (86FB,89RB,89RBS,910DB)
  • Generator - Onan QG 2500 LPG (86FB,89RB,89RBS,910DB)
  • New Generation Happijac Wireless Jacks w/Vertical Motors
  • Jack Brackets - Swing Out Req for Dually Trucks (N/A 80RB)
  • Jensen Stereo system – AM/FM/CD/DVD/Bluetooth/HDMI/USB Charge/App controllable
  • Microwave - Stainless Steel
  • Interior Decor - Canvas(all models
  • Interior Decor - Dark Night (N/A 80RB)
  • Solar Panel - 100 Watt w/Digital Controller(N/A 80RB)
  • Solar Panel – 100 Watt (additional you can add 2 for three total) (N/A 80RB)
  • Roof Rack System - (Maggie Rack, w/Cross Bars) (N/A 80RB)

Elite Option Package (Mandatory) (N/A 80RB) 

  • 26" Friction Hinge Entrance Door w/Dead Bolt & Screen
  • 4-Season Insulation Package
  • Flush Mounted Interior LED Lights w/Integrated Switches
  • Full Extension Soft Closing Ball-Bearing Metal Drawer Slides
  • Lamilux 4000 Two Toned High Gloss Gel Coat Fiberglass Exterior
  • LED Lights Interior & Exterior

Please see us for a complete list of features and available options.

All standard features and specifications are subject to change.

All warranty info is typically reserved for new units and is subject to specific terms and conditions. See us for more details. 


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